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Home Additions

Home Additions

There are various reasons why a homeowner may choose to have an addition added to their home… Some out of necessity, and some for luxury. In most cases, a room addition will increase the value of a home. The type of residential home room addition may affect how the addition will effect the value of a residential home.

Whether you are adding a bedroom addition, a porch, garage, enclosed patio, or other type of residential home addition, our experience will help bring your room addition vision to life. We will ensure you are 100% satisfied with your new residential home additions.

From bedroom addition, a porch, garage, enclosed patio, or other types of additions, with RD&P Construction as your residential home addition experts – we will ensure your residential home addition and other renovation jobs are done right the first time. We offer a free design consultation with every free residential home addition estimate to ensure that your project is completed just as you envisioned it.


  • Assuming responsibility for construction means, methods, sequencing and procedures
  • Providing cost, quality, inventory control transparency, monitoring and reporting
  • Holding on-going project meetings with client and trades to monitor job progress
  • Scheduling, delivery, receipt and proper storage of all long lead systems and materials.
  • Coordination with municipal authorities, governmental agencies, and utility companies
  • Developing a community relations program


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